Saturday, July 31, 2010

Give Pakistan a fresh image ...Change YOURSELF !!!

Pakistan needs a fresh & revived image … and who can produce it ? Only its people..
My visit to Pakistan after 3 years gave me a lot to think. While there has been maasive physical development in infrastructure and technology during this period, it is easy to see a major shift in urban thinking ..
People, in general, seem to be more knowledgeable, but less willing to get up and do something. They are more energetic but dont know where to utilize their talent. We are more aware but have become very fond of talking, long discussions and debates, still while being seated.
We have a good system of interactive media but are now used to just shrugging our shoulders for whatever is happening as if its not our concern. Most of the people keep bragging about their resources (obviously limited) in a way as they hold the keys to strong rooms of a few banks.
Fake degrees scandals have brought a confusion among the genuine graduates as, if anybody even relies on their abilities now.
We also need to look into a large number of educated female population, while they just spend their time at home, watching TV dramas and movies & waiting for the maids to come and do the daily chores for a meager wage.
Then, there are children, who are sent to expensive schools only to pass written exams and no practical training for tomorrow’s competitive world.
On the other hand, there are friends and relatives, who expect great spending on the parties, one is going to throw, on the occasions like marriages, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.
Then, there this lifestyle thing comes…One feels the need to show off their “status” to fit in this scenario.

Who will START ?
Remember, its not only us in Pakistan, who have such problems, but we need to be very quick to address them
It sounds so weird if someone even utters anything against all these traditions, which have crept in our society… but now seems a right time to do that as we are close to our National Day on 14 August 2010 !!! Its time when we really should look back and learn what have we earned and lost.

We need to stop for a while.. and see, where are we going? Who are we fooling? Who are we going to impress and who is actually being impressed ?
Its us, who have to live here and prosper. Its us who have to make the best use of our time to do something fruitful and positive for ourselves and others. This is the only way we can help  unhappy, unwell, frightened, confused, and totally frustrated  beings in our society.

Its time to change ourselves…

Men, women, children, educated, illiterate, working, matter whosoever is there ...
Just start doing something productive, without wasting the time, the best natural gift to us.
We are a nation with one of the largest human potential, yet we remain dull and backward… I know, such things have been said to previous generations too and now they have grown old.. and things forgotten.. Do we want to be like them?
We need to be different.. and that’s where we will be so… OUR THINKING !!!

 Be Positive.. Be Green.. Pakistan Zindabad !!!


  1. Ya Pakistan Awaan kab jaagegy??:S

  2. Rumaisa, thank for your revolutionary ideas , it seems that change will come with such a youth like you,I really feel happy by your efforts on blogging and on facebook, I am also a victim of love for Pakistan, definitely , change will come from chain of hands, Lets do make chain for change

  3. They say, "Nip the Evil in the bud".

    My personal experience is that just being silent or on other extreme aggressive... is going to increase our problems... We cant now wait saying.. ALL WILL be WELL...and

    But at the same we must realize that we work best when we are focused and dedicated...

    Its time to prove ourselves in our own domains...

    and DO WHAT WE FEAR THE MOST. Fear will go away...!!!

  4. my comment is people in pakistan dont realise people who have qualifications there and talent is always there but no one bothers helping that talent. Time pakistan looked for talent in its own country and allowed people to come through.i am in favor of getting people to come through in pakistan who can help pakistan through pilot projects that provide work in pakistan. Suggestions to get such pilot schemes or projects in pakistan should be always be welcome by politicians in pakistan and anything that works should be used in pakistan nationally. Overseas pakistanis should always be welcome to suggest as well. There should be no problem whether the person is inside or outside of pakistan but the whole point whatever these people suggest they are given a chance to help pakistan.

  5. The change is inevitable now. Either we change ourself or be forgotten. Our next generation will not even like to take our name if we keep on going like this. May ALLAH bless Pakistan and give all of us hidayah to unite and work for the country.