Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Real Pakistanis Are Awesome !!!

Why Hopelessness?
Why is it we just see hopelessness everywhere? Why are we just sure that our future is nothing but darkness and misery ? Whereas at the moment, thousands of men, women and children are working tirelessly for flood relief efforts. Salaried people are donating a part of their hard earned money in relief funds. Little girls are giving away their Eidi or the the shopping money for bangles and gifts to various relief organisations.

Thousands of young enthusiastic volunteers have been working day in and day out to deliver the relief goods to the needy while fasting in Ramadhan. They have reached from the northern mountains to Punjab and then to those inaccessible areas of Sindh, where hardly anyone from urban Pakistan had ever been.

Overseas Pakistanis are more worried than those in the country. There is no place in the world from where the aid is not coming. Tents, food items and cash is flowing in at an unprecedented rate. Airports have hardly any place left to store more goods as there is no organised system of outward distribution.

There have been fund collection campaigns in schools, colleges and universities. Prayers are offered in Mosques, Christian and Hindu community centres.

Online communities and bloggers have also been playing an important role in raising awareness among those not directly in touch with flood victims around the world. Many international organisations and celebrities have asked their fans and followers to help Pakistani flood affectees. New ways of attracting more aid and relief are being thought of …
There must have been hundreds or thousands of incidents which are unheard of yet due to such kind and humane activities thousands of people are being helped.

Real Pakistanis Are Working !!!

How can be we inable people? How can Pakistan be a Failed nation when such generous and hard working are there within us?

Can we think of any other example the way our people have showed passion and shared griefs of their needy countrymen?

We are being labeled as the BRAVEST Nation of the World by Newsweek. It is befitting reply to those who always spread negativity about Pakistani people..

Pakistan’s image has been built by the ruling elite, who were never sincere to their country and always kept a significant distance from their people.
The REAL PEOPLE of Pakistan are great humans and its only they, who can rebuild Pakistan in a positive sense.

The REAL Pakistan is made by its people and they are working !!!

Pakistan is a great country and so are its people… only being hindered by influential and selfish politicians, in achieving its true position in the nations of the world.


  1. well its good effort

  2. greatly written man... just the type of words we need to motivate ourselves... and thats all we need...i have a strong faith that once we have motivation for unity, faith and discipline we can do wonders that no other nation on earth can do...

  3. Beautiful Aricle Rumaisa. Very well defined and thought provoking. Love the Labled. Bravest Nation :) Yes we are because we do care about country and country men. And we won't let them die with hunger Inshallah. Whatever we can do within our capacity, we will do.

    We should be thankful to Almighty God. That he has given us this task to help the humanity. Also thanks to people who are contributing in helping #Pakistan in all means.

  4. You people are doing a great job MashAllah.... may Allah bless you for these praiseworthy efforts. These are the individuals and their efforts which makes us proud and lively...
    Its the time now for nothing else but to work...
    Thank you very much guys for ur efforts..

  5. Tum Zameen walo pe Raham karo,
    Asman wala tum pe Raham kar dega.

  6. This is beautiful!