Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Move On - Pakistan !!!

This is where today’s media has brought us. Embarrassment , confusion, grief, fear, future uncertainty… And for something which we, common Pakistanis, never did and never knew of..

Still a large segment of the population of Pakistan does not believe any repeatedly changing stories of the killing of Osama Bin Laden ( almost 9th time recorded in the media)
The news like this have appeared in newspapers several times:"Is Osama Bin Laden dead or alive?- Many think he died 8 years ago in Tora Bora Caves in Afghanistan"

Media has proved to be the most powerful force of today to carry anyone’s integrity, honor, self respect and reputation tumbling down to the dumps. It is now possible with a few vague reports, fake or no pictures for the proof, and the reviews and baseless accusations by some self-declared experts on politics.

What a Common Pakistani Thinks:
Below are the comments of some of my acquaintances, as how they perceive the whole situation.

Sadia Ghouri, an International Relations Graduate from Karachi University, says:
"This drama is played to present a valid reason to bring back NATO forces from Afghanistan ... disgrace departure as America had in Vietnam …Even people are not bothering to get into the details of this comic fiction of western media ..."

Saman Yusuf, writes in a facebook status:
"Osama has been declared dead 9 times on different occasions off the record by people in authority in US...this was a show to justify the war in the past and now sadly...the war in future (although I so hope that is not the case!)"

Mass Miskin writes:
"This death is simply propaganda. How come in such an open neighborhood nobody had seen Osama living there!? Seriously how dumb can Americans be to behave like children making up stories! “

This is what a common Pakistani thinks about the whole affair, nothing more than a big, pre-planned drama.

However, the damage is done. Remember, there is no escape now. The accusations, blames will keep coming now. Stories will be repeatedly made up and changed, with influential media campaigns backing them, as usual. The more we discuss and talk about them , the more this web of confusion will entangle us.
It may be the beginning of a long debate and then alleged punishment for the crimes never proved to have been committed. So why not prepare to ride through the tough times ahead as a nation.

Can We face It ?

The best way to avoid the ghosts of grief, confusion and guilt, is to MOVE ON .
Yes, move on with our lives and continue the efforts to gain peace and confidence back. What we have to do is, to believe in our strengths and stay firm.

Learn from the past and think for the future.

Above all.. LOVE PAKISTAN…

There is no place like Home !!!!


  1. Marvi Sirmed says:

    I wish it was that easy

    Bukhari waheed says:

    @RumaisaM True, but betrayal keeps on hurting

    Wasi Javed says:

    Interesting Take Sis But #OBL Death in Pakistan Going To Cause Many Problems !!

    Sunny Awan says:
    We're still in comma, we can't learn from past, or we don't want to learn from our blunders

    Rizwan Afzal says:
    n sleep again no matter whoevr walks by ur backyard?

    My Reply :
    Yes... I know there is lot of pessimism prevailing now.. but will we stop here ? Please move on - Pakistan !!

  2. @RumaisaM: An interesting take and you rightly criticized the role of media here which again building hatred against Pakistan [sadly most of the part done by again our culprit media]. We need sensible media & foreign policy team to build the right beautiful image of Pakistan.
    May Almighty protects Pakistan Always! [Ameen]

  3. Everyone needs to know truth about the whole story of Osama bin laden & Pakistan.We are being fooled again! *wake up Pakistan wake up*

  4. don't agree entirely, ya we should learn 4m the past but thats what we haven't doin? there is lot of mess that need to be cleaned but how? i just dont know... nice to know ur views anyway
    stay blessed.

  5. Osama Zindabad!

    Bring it on

  6. "Learn from the past and think for the future".Yes learn from the blunders of the past and do not repeat the same in future.

  7. I stumbled upon your blog via Twitter. I take this opportunity to extend my sincere best wishes to the people of Pakistan. Power on..aman ki asha.

  8. No one, even God can't, help those who can't help themselves. Yes, the people of Pak, you need to move on with your lives, but at the same time you need to ask some really tough questions to your governance, intelligence, Army & religious fundamentalists, that what are their priorities!? What is it that they seek, that will lead Pak and its citizens to a safe, secure and prosperous 'mustakbil' !? Will merely keeping good rapport with USA help ? Or will differentiating good & bad terrorism, and keeping terrorists in 'safe' houses help? Will politicizing and keeping differences with India help ? Our enemy is terrorists who have sold their conscience, as well as religion, to walk on path of devils. Shouldn't we be united in our stand against Terror? After all there's strength in Unity. And at same time, it's important to guard our sovereignty. Why shelter international criminals, so as to become victim of 'drone' attacks and 'Navy Seals' ?

  9. I Totally agree, we have to move on and should learn from our past quikly. Otherwise we will have to learn the hard way.
    And yes we can face it its not that big deal, we should Love Pakistan. and try to make it a better place on what ever level we can.

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  11. Good points. But, sensationalist, often Matric pass level so-called media leaders of Pakistan and top show hosts, sell bull-dung to a willing and hungry public seeking to be misinformed.

    So, I may not respect those media people, but, to place the blame on the media is, in my humble opinion, absolving the real culprit in making Pakistan a society that thrives on wide-eyed theories that can border on lunacy - a public doing its utmost to ignore reality.

    If someone ever invented a car engine that runs on conspiracy theories, the wilder the better, Pakistan would be as rich as Saudi Arabia got from oil.

    Imran Anwar