Friday, August 19, 2011

Who is Killing? Think Again

I am short of words today… the madness continues and no one knows who is carrying out the brutal killings in almost every part of the Pakistan especially in big urban centres.

Everybody is in the state of shock to see the scale and the methods of murders all over the cities and rural areas.. Firing, burning, bombing, mutilated dead bodies is what would be unfathomable in a country created in the name of peace (Islam).

Its a long debatable topic that who is killing whom and why? There may be many answers to this question just as many stakeholders and political parties in this scenario, each having their own interpretation of the incidents being taken place.

At this moment, what I could do only was, to look back into something someone shared with me long ago.

This was about 10 years ago. One of my senior Indian colleagues Mr. Abdullah ( lecturer/Hafiz e Quran, about 80 years old, not alive anymore, the name is changed for privacy concerns) told me an incident which gave me some answers to common questions like :” Is this Islam? What kind of Muslims are these killing each other, even in the Holy month of Ramadan? “

Mr. Abdullah told us about his visit to Karachi, Pakistan 10 years ago, during his summer vacations to meet his relatives here. He used to visit a mosque near his residence at PECHS , Karachi regularly. He, just like many others, used to discuss the same issues as what kind of Muslims would kill other Muslims.

Once during a Jumah prayer, he saw a familiar face praying just next to him. It suddenly flashed in his mind that the man was actually his neighbour in Delhi, two years ago,and surprisingly, he was not a Muslim. This guy was offering prayer in the normal way as all other worshippers.

Mr. Abdullah could not wait and as soon as the prayer ended, called his name (R, imaginary name) asking how come he was in Karachi and praying in a mosque. He first thought may be R had converted to Islam and had come to visit friends in Karachi. But to his shock , R, looked at him in horror, got up and hurried to escape in the crowd. Mr. Abdullah was an old man, could not follow him so quickly. He tried to tell other people that he had seen a non-Muslim praying in the same mosque, but people did not take it seriously, as in Pakistan, there are very few non-Muslims, and it made no sense why one would come to pray in a mosque with Muslims.

In our cities, there is no check and every one is allowed in mosques. Do we really know how many foreign elements have penetrated in our society living just like us and killing our fellow beings? We only keep hating and cursing ourselves, but never think beyond that.

But till when? Should we allow them to completely wipe us from the face of the land? Or identify them.

Be alert. Be aware. Be Safe.
May Allah help us. Amen


  1. Video Shahid Nama with Dr Shahid Masood A must see to know Y #karachi is not taken care by authorities so far.

  2. is this the only reason of killings ??

  3. It may be one of those puzzling questions, we have been facing since long.

  4. This can't be a only thing behind all the killings but yes I agree with the point of foreign powers penetrating to destroy the peace of our city.
    Thanks for sharing this though.

  5. @Writer i certainly dont doubt your concern for the city ! but madam your viewpoint lead to a cumbersome and hard to grab culprit Are u suggesting that Now faith detectors may be officially deployed ? Karachi has a multitude of problems and this one look hard to qualify as a major :the fact are suggesting otherwise

  6. no one to blame since we knows it's just the political gang war between ruling parties for more power and control over city...

    by the way don't ya worry Rehman Malik reached Karachi now he will turn a magic stick and everything will be normal, 48 dead bodies will wake up and start laughing...

  7. for last two days i have been thinkng about theact that who is doing that all. never thought it in that way. no matter what efforts we are making to be friend with india the famouse anti pakistan and anti india sentiments will be alive.
    this could be s reason of this dark night of Karachi

  8. Though its the political war between two parties but the way it starts has always been suspicious.

  9. May be you are right.
    Question is this where law enforces agenceis? Where is police and rangers? When they are silent and watching all this as a part of "hollywood drama" than external and eternal any anti state elements will use this situation for its purpose.

  10. Written Well, BUt one hting is far sure to be reminded here. Untill we correct our home there will be many more like this.

    May Allah protect our country and our people.

    we need to be more vigillant.

  11. It's virtually impossible verify the identity of anybody and everybody going into a mosque, what would we do? Check CNICs on mosque entrances?
    Pakistan/India are born rivals, genetically wired to compete with each other. That's why both sides keep tabs on each other, although I believe they're much better than us. Bangladesh, Balochistan, Lower Punjab, Karachi being solid proofs of their work.
    There used to be a strong "Mohalla" culture in past, people used to know who their neighbors are. I think that could help.
    When someone rents a home these days, landlord's bound to submit a copy of lender's CNIC to nearby police station. But you know there's always a way around the system, and if someone's got lots of money the overrides become even convenient.

  12. I agree with you to a great extent. What will we see in news now 'Rehman Malik have taken the notice' Well how many times will he take the notice,the situation will be same as we see every time he takes the notice.
    It is also true that you can not stop it as easily as one thinks but you can control it if you take some intelligent steps rather than wasting time on same stupid activities like MQM are no longer in Gov. no they are back again. No they will never come back again,back again!
    what's that really? will it stop it? NEVER!

  13. Conspiracy-theorist much? Why can we not admit that it is our own people killing each other?

  14. May be its our own people.. because the poison has spread in many parts ofthe body. But the poison came from outside and still its is backed by outsiders. Please spread the message of Red Alert, as the danger lies just within us now.

  15. yup i agreed it could be one of the reasons. It's all happening because most of us having a sound asleep, specially our people with the power. There's a change needed in our attitude, change is needed in our attitude towards the society. Very well written! thumbs up! :)

  16. This is absurd. He saw his neighbor from India praying near him? The odds of this happening are a billion to one. Most likely a case of dementia.