Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lets Change from Within ...

Three years ago, (in early 2009)  after getting some expertise in several online games and virtual worlds… by chance I bumped on in Twitterverse ( the name given to the world of Twitter, a micro-blogging service).  I found it a completely different concept  and all about  REAL people who were keenly looking for finding real friends and real life discussions.
Being humans, it was natural that they all wanted some one to listen to their every day talks or ideas  ranging from domestic chores to international politics.
The unusual fact about this new forum named Twitter was that, unlike games or role play sims, here in the REAL world,  what was prevalent in almost all types of public talks was “NEGATIVITY”.

International Woes and us :

No doubt, on international front, it was the period of severe global recession. The fall of some strongest brand names in financial world amidst mad attempts like suicides of the CEOs or CFOs of various large organizations  were adding to the misery of a common mind.
 Unemployment was at an all time high. It seemed that every body was going to lose everything, they had ever collected or made to lead a normal life. The whole world looked like going to an end.

 In Pakistan, for a common man, already suffering from usual security/sectarian/ ethnic problems, coupled with the remnants of “controlled democracy” as well as the sad demise of Benazir Bhutto, (Dec 2007), nothing but uncertainty and hopelessness were the most grieving issues.

Positivity is the answer !

In this situation , I and many like me, knowing that we were just small particles in this huge desert of anguish and desperation, started tweeting about “Thinking Positive”, “Spreading Love and kindness” or "Being Optimistic". A social structure of hope and support was immensely needed and created,  to make people understand how to survive and come out unharmed in such circumstances.
Personally,  I had never known this word “Positive” in a sense to create HOPE for future but  I knew one thing, in my whole  life I had never been so “negative” , as was the general trend . Fortunately, now, we all have been nearly through those gloomy days  … but the life’s most important  lessons are yet to be learnt.  
We need to inculcate this “being optimistic” or “being positive” trait in our daily lives.  We do experience grave situations, when people hurt, insult or betray us.  As a result, we feel distressed, angry, tormented, sometimes even to the extent of  “teaching them a lesson or two”. 
The "Being Positive" concept teaches us that instead of “teaching them" we need to use this energy for “learning to live peacefully and growing ourselves as better human beings”.
“Being Positive" or "Being Optimistic"seems like a very simple notion but it is the real solution to the whole sphere of our ongoing problems of social disrespect, intolerance, violence and extremism.  All the religions and beliefs  in the world (including Islam) teach people to remain hopeful, look forward to a better life and never to despair.
 Lets start a new way of living and teach our youngsters the same.


  1. Well done Rumaisa. Good Prevails over Evil and Positivity nullifies Negativity. Hope is the path that makes it possible for us to change. There are lots of people who are engulfed with negativity, these people have lost the key ingredient, ie VISION. Lets work towards instilling in our society, positive Vision and Hope. But inorder to bring about change, we have to be prepared for a lot of hard work, this one day will bring about peace, prosperity, tolerance and above all Unity.

    1. well said Dr. Rashid. The work is not simple, but being positive is where it all starts !!!

  2. We (Pakistanis) are a Sleepy Nation... so please don't disturb us... thank you :)

    1. Humour aside, but everyone wakes up after a sleep (either a short or a long one). So time has come to wake up and others too :)

  3. what a nice read! thank you for writing this! such positivity and optimism is so badly needed in these times! its a cliche but its actually like a ray of light in darkness.

    1. Thank You Omar ( the name i just confirmed from you )...

  4. I agree that positivity is the key to making Life worth living. See this speech by Shawn Achor which should be entertaining and thought provoking at the same time!

  5. Well though and jotted down, I must say!
    Though there have been debates on realization of difference between optimism and realism, I would still go for positivity and optimism, having been granted only one life in this world.
    Moreover, positivism begets positive results, which, in these times we really need. Just a little gesture on our parts, being positive, seeing the light at end of tunnel, can lessen the anguishes, though not the distance.
    Wholly with you on this!