Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Parade of Bloodshed...

Bomb blasts.. more blasts and more blasts .. and there seems no end of this. It looks like  a new kind of  history is being created in Pakistan and other adjoining regions. The history, which clearly depicts us, Muslims, nothing more than brutal warriors and mastermind killers.  

What are we losing?
Do we ever realize what are we actually losing because of these terrorist activities, apart from innocent lives and property? … Probably many of us do, but before we speak up against it, another tragedy overshadows the previous one. We are losing our self confidence, our hope for future and will to do something for our living.
When one doesn’t have hope to live long, there arises no question of preparation for  the future..
And there lies, the real motive behind all this parade of bloodshed that has become a norm in our daily lives. Our enemy wants us to lose HOPE, hence becoming the sellers of hope to us, at their own terms, by capitalizing on our closed minds.

We are the witnesses and carriers of the TRUTH:
We all know and have seen, when and how, this phenomenon of Religious Extremism erupted and how it was carried on and on. We know we were confused, misguided and a bit over optimistic about it. But we did not know, there needed to be an organized control system, so it could not back fire on us… and so it did !!!
I know, we all are tired of discussions on bomb blasts and of seeing no solution to this cancer of our nation. I know, we are way too late in thinking positive about anything relating to our country… but I do know, that there is a ray of hope at the end of this dark tunnel of hopelessness. I also believe that God has promised to show us the right path, if we are willing to take a step forward.

Our responsibility:
I do know, even if my generation will not be able to cure this cancer, there are other generations on the way to deal with it… BUT the question is, who will prepare those generations???
 This is me and my generation, who has to come forward, irrespective of any age, gender and regional differences, and nurture and nourish the upcoming citizens, who we call our kids.
May be someday, we will not be here, fighting our way to live, but our footprints can make them see the right direction. They need to be told the TRUTH, the realities, of   what happened and how and the results… Its our responsibility to be open to them, tell them who is their real enemy. Only then, we can serve the true purpose of our lives. May Allah save and help us. Amen.


  1. you have risen a valid point that who will make the things better and who will enjoy the fruits of better things. the image of Islam and Pakistan has been shattered and the upcoming generation, even my generation has no hope so isn't it the time when we should try to clear the things, i believe that it is the time when we have to take that one step after which the help of ALLAH ALMIGHTY becomes mandatory.
    i am totally agreed with the OUR RESPONSIBILITY part. for the betterment of something we should keep the differences aside and work for the common goal after all we will be the beneficiary, sooner or later.

  2. Salam and you have just written the main points.. specially about responsibility may Allah guide us to the right path.. for a positive action and change its never too late

  3. Agree with you. But the real truth and acceptance of it comes from education and unfortunately that is where we struggle. For me the teaching/education profession needs to be recognised and rewarded more than it presently is.