Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ridicule, Protests & Our Self-Respect

Why would Someone ridicule us and our beliefs?  

 It has been a tradition that when somebody ridicules us, we just start blaming ourselves,  our system, our lack of unity, our bad morals,  lack of belief in religion and all the evils in our society….. only making our enemy’s work easier !!!

Do we even realize that whoever ridicules us, is merely a dreamer, an inactive coward, someone who knows his lack of strength to take any physical action against us.

How Come Iqbal Knew All of it in the Last Century?
 Iqbal’s concept of “KHUDI” (Self-Respect)  is an amazing phenomenon to deal with such situation for present day Muslims.
خودی کو کر بلند اتنا کہ  ہر تقدیر سے  پہلے .. خدا بندے سے خود پوچھے بتا تیری رضا کیا ہے

 KHUDI is seen by him as an elevator for human spirit so much so that they can even decide their fate through its best utilization…. Khudi or Self-Respect is what we are lacking today. We generalize ourselves as a morally bankrupt nation and always have countless examples on our fingertips to prove that.

Let me ask one simple question… Who has given this right to berate ourselves? [ Isn’t it us only?] … Each one of us has a duty to be a good citizen  and when we don’t fulfill that duty, why do we think that every other being is like us too?

Time To Decide:
 WE have to decide now that “ Do we respect ourselves , as mentioned in the words of Iqbal”? …. Because if we don’t , then we will have to accept what others say about us and do to us.

The pictures, cartoons and insulting remarks are increasing day by day , only because we are getting used to them…. AND that is where lurks the real danger !!!

Time to Be United :
An immediate action can be CONDEMNING any such hurtful act, which is against our religious beliefs peacefully. We can give them an impression that nobody believes them and make them believe that they are wasting their time and effort to berate us…
But, we need to do this  as a unified force. We should neither deviate from our focus (i.e.,condemning them) nor getting into petty issues (i.e., our own lackings)… because this is what they want us to indulge in.

The real strength is shown in UNITY … and in this case, ONLINE UNITY !!!!
 Use their own weapon to fight them back !!!!!
As in the words of Iqbal :
ایک ہوں مسلم حرم کی پاسبانی کے لئے ... نیل کے ساحل سے لیکر تا بہ خاک کاشغر  



  2. Great Articles!!!
    I think you should also write these on jagonews.

  3. "Use their own weapon to fight them back !!!!!"
    precisely what i think. but i find it hard to explain it to those who think otherwise. :S

  4. Rumaisa, very well written 'wakeup call' :) Please keep hooking up. Allah bless you!!!

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    I came across your blog
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  6. Very well written and wonderfully expressed Rumaisa. We need more people to come forward. I commend your efforts in this matter.

  7. Very nicely written Ms. Rumaisa, I personally think this is the right way to defend our religion and prophet from blasphemy. Just ignore these attention seekers. God Bless!!!

  8. It's important to be positive and react positively to criticism - the least we can do is help people understand Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Good blog, Rumaisa - and yes, we do need to get our act together, online and off it. Keep up the good work - carrying on a noble legacy.