Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Suffering.. Unlimited !!!

This is not a simple situation.. We and our people are under attack.. and we feel helpless.. We, the writers, bloggers, twitterers, facebookers, who try to act as analysts and come up with solutions, don’t know who will execute those suggestions.
They come out from nowhere and bombard our places of worship, education and healthcare, leaving everyone in awe and despair.
And to add to the misery, with all the security steps in place, it still goes on ....

Who are they?
They are none other than the culprits whom our own people have supported, and take pride in providing a place for refuge.
They are well equipped with strategies and weaponry for the assaults, we know all that…but what have we been doing?
When the government was reminded of the appearances of these terrorists in all the urban centres, they turned a deaf ear to it, rather denying their presence.
Now , its spread all over the land..

and who is the sufferer?
Some might think, they will be safe, afterall... No, ultimately, everyone will have to suffer one day, with violence and raids increasing at such an alarming rate across the country.
But, still everyone is not taking it seriously. Are they waiting for their turn to come across face-to-face with these terrorists? Well, you will have a very slim chance of meeting them again, alive.

How to face it?
So, remove those tinted glasses of favouritism, sectarianism, fanaticism and extremism from your eyes ...  and try to see who is the real enemy ?
First of all, we have to assure ourselves of this answer in a broader perspective, then any unified action will be possible...
The hope of our nation is our coming generations. They deserve to know the truth and the training how to tackle it!!!

We should stick to the conclusions already made and avoid indulging in new discussions & debates.That will save a lot of time & give a room for some fruitful action to be taken...

Remember, without being POSITIVE and HOPEFUL, nothing is possible !!!


  1. These people are not afraid of dying because a man who fears death will never take such an action. I feel bad for all those people who were maimed because of sectarian violence.When will they learn that killing others will not achieve anything? Tolerance for others is not acceptable here. I am really sad that our people have not yet learned how to do that.

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  3. Well spoken, well observed. People like me, speaking against so-called thaikedars of Islam and violent so-called Islamic parties like Jamiat, were beaten up and thrown in Kot Lakhpat by the evil dictator Zia who was arming the fundamentalists & fanning religious extremism (with support of his masters the USA and CIA). That one dead dictator did more to destroy Pakistan's present and future than drunk dictator Yahya could.

    Most Pakistanis seemed happy to see civilians die in India, Israel, America, and were just content making tcch-tcch sounds when these jihadi groups were killing Afghans or Pakistanis in the North. Now that Cancer is amongst all cities in the nation.

    If the cancer and its supporters and apologists are not exterminated, it will devour Pakistan far sooner than it will have any impact on the ZIonist Nazi Israelis or Kashmiri-Killing Indians.


  4. Loss of innocent lives is condemnable but Not only those who died in Jinnah but also those who are martyred by Drones
    This US "war against Islam" is war against you me and every single Muslim we need to stop this war before its too late

  5. Dear Ms. Mohani, thank you for a well written note and suggestions. Indeed, Pakistan has no choice to overcome and we have the critical role to play in making that happen.

    If we don't, then the other countries will not respect us or listen to our views on international affairs. I have seen analysis for the past two decades on just analyzing, but things have not gotten better, but worse. Thank you for recognizing this and making us aware.

    There is a lot of work to be done, Change will come to Pakistan, we have the ability to decide this change, it can be positive or negative. If we don't take advantage of this opportunity, someone else will.

    With Sincere Regards,

  6. Aslam u Alaikum Romaisa, you write very good i will appreciate that. I respect that you have towards the Muslim Uma and its youth... I don't know but i myself is really worried about the things that are happening in Pakistan...If you observe our youth they are in to western lifestyle they are attracted to girl friends, boy friends, celebrate valentine soon halloween and blah blah blah....This is what has closed the eyes of our youth they can't see the difference they cannot differentiate between good and evil and those who can differentiate are not bothered to do the right things. I would request you to keep on doing good work for the benefit of the youth of the world...if you can succeed in getting their attention and showing them the difference between the right and wrong. Give them fresh lectures on ISLAM its values its beliefs. It would be no doubt a great thing to do..........

  7. well i might not be an expert on such an issue but will still like to put a very simple formulae which we all would have observed:- "any nation that nurtures terrorsim on its own ground to fight against other nation has to face it one day"....india created ltte n& one day sacrificed it's own prime minister, american supported osama n talibaan n finally one day 9/11 happened, Israel created Hamash to counter fatah n Hamash is a much bigger trouble than the fatahs...it happens every where ...pakistan supported terrorist groups to fight against india n now she along with india pakistan itself is burning...Thats the Holy spirit of violence

  8. Love to know about Hasrat Mohani.......Expecting many things from ur blog :) Keep on inspiring youth :)

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