Thursday, June 17, 2010

Echoes ~ A Poem

The doors of memories always remain ajar as with open arms

To welcome the vibes of sheer loveliness and exquisite charms.

Wherever I go, while I am awake or asleep, tired of all the worldly nuisance

Myriad thoughts creep into my mind with all the grandeur and elegance

And the air gets filled with the same wondrous fragrance,

One that makes me cherish my being and its true essence.

I can feel thine breathe as I walk along the promenade pensively

Or while I sit there gazing at the waves making their way towards the shore

I can hear the echo of my heart beats coming from the unseen depths

And I can endure the grasp of the roots of this romance which seems so pure;

And wonder how they have taken me over like never before.

Does it sound superficial if one's heart can break all the barriers

And fly away with the dearest treasures of undying obsession?

While one stands there alone as it has been and will be….

Yet encompassed with those small wonders being a subtle expression

Hence proving them wrong as being lonely!


  1. Salam Rumaisa thats great you start writing with one nice poem weldon keep it up suster tack care fee Aman Allah
    Sheikh Rehan

  2. It is soooo beautiful Rumaisa. Love it. Angie

  3. now i have to say... beautiful. what else i can say :/ why you wrote so well :P