Saturday, June 12, 2010

Riding Through The Wave of All "isms"

The Youth of Today’s Pakistan are a vital part of its present and future. Most of them are vibrant, being trained to take up challenges, calculate and achieve their targets. They have been successful, shown great potential for achieving unimaginable tasks and brought the laurels to the country.
However, everything is not so shiny and rosy here…There are elements out there to grab, store and use that bursting energy to fulfill some of their hidden evil objectives.

I know I am going to indulge myself in a topic that has been quite debatable lately. Things need to be discussed otherwise a dangerous vacuum of communication is created, resulting in further harm to the society.

Extremes in Our Society:
There are two main extremes being developed among our youth. Pro-Islam and Pro-various-“isms” ( e.g., Communism, Socialism, Marxism ). Although it is assumed that these phenomena are fresh , new and “in” , actually these were created in the 20th century by some very experienced, learned and influential persons. Here, I will not say anything in favour or against them, but what is more essential today is the vision, these ideologies have been inculcating in our youth, who will shape the future of our nation.
No doubt, we are living in the age of open communication and are exposed to all the philosophies. Various westerners have been inspired by Oriental / Eastern religions or ways of life and is becoming a norm in their society. Similarly, there has been a rise in the Athiests and non- conformists.
 As global citizens, our youth have free access to all such stuff. Self interested evil elements will be on the look out for young minds, and try to deviate their focus by disillusioning the facts with a pinch of negativity.

In olden days, there were elders, who told them what was right or wrong. Now, elders are not able to cope with today’s fast communications as well as youngsters have no time to indulge in one-to-one discussions, which is a great dilemma of present day society.
Being Responsible is the Key :
This issue can only be addressed by the youth themselves. They need to take up the responsibility of keeping a balance between all the extremist ideologies.
If something comes up which is against your religion or traditions, you should be very careful and critical about accepting it. Think what good and bad it will bring to you or the society at large.  If you are choosing a new ideology for the rest of your life, it is not only going to affect you and your loved ones but also those who will come after you... Don’t be short-termist, think about the long term.That’s where you will justify yourself as a responsible global citizen.


  1. what i wanted to comment you have already mentioned in your ending notes.
    yes this issue can only be take up better by Youth it self. one more thing what i want to add is that youth should not only take up this issue to settle the things and creating the balance among the same generation only. what i want to say is that all of the youth today will be an elder generation tomorrow so the current youth must take up this issue in a way that when we are elders we do not have to face such dilemma which our elders are facing

  2. People often look to simplistic answers in order to make sense out of the world. I see the same type of thing in my country, The United States. Personally, I don't label myself with any "ism." I find that all "isms" have flaws, and the truth is generally floating around in the middle between the extremes. Here's a related post from my blog:

  3. Thanx Paul and Azlan for ur insightful comments. Paul, ur blog is indeed very informative, and I will surely keep going thru that in future:)

  4. Haseeb Ahmed Chughtai writes on facebook :"Good effort and I would like to commend you for the effort, but my feedback is that your blog suggest that Islam and socialism are on opposite sides. I can assure you that nothing could be further than the truth. If anything, Islam was one of the first societies to implement socialism. Bait ul Maal, education for all, and than employment support resulted in a society where ppl no longer had to depend on hand outs."

  5. My reply to Haseeb A Chughtai: Sure, u r right, and thats why Maulana Hasrat Mohani, a staunch practising Muslim was the founder of The Communist Party of India in 1921 in Kanpur. Today, many western influenced non-conformists openly use Marxism as a way out, due to lack of awareness about the depth of these theories. I hope this message is passed on everywhere to keep us safe from going wrong.

  6. ہمارے نوجوانوں کے درمیان ذہنی تفاوت کا بنیادی سبب وہ طبقاتی نظام تعلیم ہے جو ہمارے معاشرے کو تین حصوں میں تقسیم کر رہا ہے۔ ایک طرف کیمبرج سسٹم میں پڑھنے والے افراد ہیں، جنہیں دوران تعلیم ہی بتایا جاتا ہے کہ وہ طبقۂ اشرافیہ ہیں اور انہوں نے دوسروں پر حکم چلانا ہے، دوسرا طبقۂ متوسط (مڈل کلاس) جس بیچاری نے طبقۂ اشرافیہ کے ماتحت نوکریاں ہی کرنی ہیں اور کلرکی میں عمر گزارنی ہے اور پھر ایک تیسرا طبقہ ہے یعنی مدرسوں سے پڑھ لکھ کر نکلنے والا۔ انتہائی افسوس کی بات یہ ہے کہ ہمارے مدارس سے جب کوئی پڑھ کر نکلتا ہے تو اس کی تعلیم اسے معاشرے میں کوئی ممتاز مقام نہیں دلاتی، لے دے کے اس کے پاس مسجد کی امامت یا اس کی کسی خدمت کا کام رہ جاتا ہے اور یوں بظاہر وہ معاشرے کے لیے کوئی کارآمد فرد نہيں رہتا۔
    مسئلے کی جڑ اسی طبقاتی نظام تعلیم میں ہے۔ اگر یکساں نظام تعلیم رائج ہو اور سب کو تعلیم کے برابر مواقع حاصل ہوں تو یقین جانیں 20 سے 25 سالوں میں پاکستان کی حالت سدھر سکتی ہے۔ لیکن اگر یہ سب ایسے ہی چلتا رہا جیسا کہ چلتا آ رہا ہے تو یقین جانیں ہمارا مستقبل بہت مخدوش ہے۔ اللہ ہمارے حالوں پر رحم فرمائے۔ آمین

  7. Rumaisa You like your grandpa are a born reformist. Since you are in your youth, the current focus is on youth. Never quit from this Sadaq e Jaria task and never be disappointed from results. You may impact on even very few ones but even you could one person on track, that will be considered a big achievement worth reward. So my all praise for your noble cause. May ALLAH be pleased with you.

  8. Thanx Mr Mohsin, i dont claim to be a reformist, but am trying my best to bring forward what i feel is good or not right here. May Allah help us in our sincere endeavours. Ameen

  9. well a nice blog...what i personally feel is that developing nations like India,pakistan or nigeria do not need any ism...what they need are mass sterlization policies,mass education & health programs coupld with economic liberalization and conducive atmosphere for investments...( views here are personal)

  10. @ Eternal Guru, you are surely right, about the policies to be taken up by the the governments of these fast developing countries... but the social structure also needs to be checked and worked upon. We donot need our youth to indulge in unproductive activities. We have limited time to push forward our progress.

  11. ok.....I am liberalist. I believe. Youth should be combination of old and new concepts. I think going on either extremes would be foolish. Also, Pluralistic behavior is key for us :D .....

  12. You have provided the solution yourself in the last para, just want to add one more thing. As you said its difficult for parents to watch every activity of their children but what they can do is to provide them knowledge of whats wrong and what are their side effects. Its human psychology if you tell someone don't do this he will surely try it one time but if you tell him do this and you'll have this side effect I am sure he will not try it.