Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Journey of Pakistan Go Green

Since the Independence Day of Pakistan (14th August,2009) till Pakistan Resolution Day (23rd March,2010) the journey of Pakistan Go-Green was a like a tide of patriotism and passion.  Nearly 30,000+ display pics of the lovers of Pakistan were turned green to show unity. In this regard, the role of the writers of various blogs and articles published to promote Pakistan Go-Green Campaign has been unforgettable. As the facebook page of Pakistan Go Green is reaching 10,000 fans, within just 9 months, I thought, it was the best time, to pay a tribute to the love of our netizens towards their homeland. Here is the collection of links of published material about this unique campaign of Pakistan's internet history -- If you know any other article, whose link is not mentioned here, please let us know. Thanks:)
Go Green- Paint the World Green, join the online campaign of Go Green and change your Display Picture (DP) to customized green DP.Go Green and Pakiology made it to Geo TV :
Go Green, Pakistan: Sabb Green Kar Do ~ by Adil Najam
GO GREEN & Twitter Hashtag #Pakistan for 14th August ~ by Dr. Awab Alvi
Pakistan: Go Green Movement - by Faisal Kapadia
Independence Day Celebration; #Pakistan Trending topic on Twitter
Go-Green Pakistan...PAINT THE WORLD GREEN!

Rumaisa Mohani
PAKISTAN GO GREEN ... A tale of passion ...
Patriotism 2.0:Are You A Digital Patriot?~ By Tajdar O. Chaudry
Go Green Pakistan campaign hits media – Geo News
Go Green Project Pakistan ( Get Your Picture ) (Blog)
The ‘green revolution’ ~ by: Naveen Naqvi
Farhan Masood - Making whole Universe Go Green
Go Green Campaign on Twitter for Pakistan Independence Day
Pakistan: Go Green Movement
چودہ اگست پرانٹرنیٹ کو گرین کر دو

DAWN NEWS: Breakfast At Dawn
14th August Special Show, mentioned Go Green [ Presented by Naveen Naqvi, Guests were Faisal Kapadia & Sana Saleem ]

 GEO TV : Go Green Pakistan
Farhan Masood and Talal Masood on GEO News regarding the Go Green Pakistan campaign