Friday, December 24, 2010

Yes, I am a Teacher :)

“Oh.. so you teach !!! “
“awww… well and what are the subjects?”
“but there could be better jobs.. if you just could look out for them !! “
“oh yeah… my all friends have opted for teaching… they didn’t know what else to do . "
These are some of the comments I receive, when I tell someone about my chosen profession .. Teaching.

YES … I AM A TEACHER …. And a happy and proud one :)

Have you seen a gardener’s face which brightens up while looking at the bloom of fresh flowers in his garden ?

OR may be the divinely affection in the eyes of a mother holding her newly born child, the very first time…                     

OR perhaps close in your home, the joyous smile of someone who cooked a delicious meal :)

OR even a child happily coming home after getting a prize in school ?


Nothing comes close to the joy of nurturing, caring and seeing one’s students passing out with the hopes of making all their dreams come true….

Being a teacher, I see all my students as little fragile buds, who would grow up someday into beautiful flowers, each one with its own special hue and fragrance; OR a newly born baby; OR a delicious meal in the making , OR the astray kids who are going to discover a hidden treasure and surprise everyone !!!


To me, they are like young birdies, who will, someday, after gaining some strength and learning some basic skills, will fly away to unknown destinations, never looking back to where they started from…

Leaving them makes a teacher both sad and happy at the same time…

We just keep smiling, waving at them while having all the good wishes for their future habitats… but the prospect of watching them doing big things …. is like a big REWARD or PRIZE which is given to us , only by ourselves…

Educating people has been emphasised by almost all the major beliefs and philosophies of the world. In Islam, its like "sadqa e jaariya" , which means permanent source of rewards and blessings promised by the Almighty.
Practically, whatever we teach, is not only going to the one student, but all the coming generations.

Makers of Successful Nations:

Teachers have always been the makers of successful nations and this divine rule will never change….
The little words of hope, inspiration and knowledge are never wasted.. and sometimes this only can bring about a whole lot of POSITIVE change in a society and its future.

Are we willing to change our future for the better?
If yes, then, we have to give a respectful place to teachers in our society…
What we can do is to invite and encourage good, sincere and knowledgeable citizens to take up this profession seriously ….

Ask people to become teachers, and do justice with teaching..
The coming generations will always be thankful to us… and the FUTURE will be brighter than ever before…

EDUCATE & MOTIVATE ... are the two words that can make us GREAT !!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pakistanis Abroad !!! We Need YOU

(Note : It was heartening to see this blogpost "Pakistanis Abroad: We Need YOU" in Google Top Trending of Pakistan ~ Rumaisa Mohani -10/10/2010 )
Pakistan’s flood crisis has left an already unstable country on unsteady ground. This calamity has affected 20 million Pakistanis and is said to be the largest disaster of our time by the United Nations.

Today hungry, sick and suffering children and families are looking towards us. They are waiting for us to rescue them and take them out of sufferings and miseries. It is not a matter of one religion, nation or race. All inhabitants of this planet must help since, those poor people are not the ones responsible for these flood. Global warming caused excessive evaporation in Indian ocean and fast melting of glaciers in Himalayas that caused this flooding and devastation.

The worst part of this tragedy is that there is no guarantee that this will not happen again, since there is no end to global warming. All one hundred and sixty million people in Pakistan are affected and need relief as well as long term solutions.
The problem is that there seems lack of knowledge, interest and coordination between various sections of society to overcome this biggest crisis of our time. No doubt, many international organizations around the globe joined hands in rescue, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts.
At this juncture, the role of overseas Pakistanis, cannot be ignored. They came forward with great sense of responsibilty and worked tirelessly to raise funds and awareness among their fellow citizens in different parts of the world.

The Real Problems Are Emerging NOW :
 However,  as the time is passing.. we see the spirit and enthusiasm, does not look the same, as it has been in the beginning… yet the suffering of the flood victims is on the rise.

The effects are now even being felt on the urban centres of Pakistan too. The people in Karachi and other big cities are facing the problems of over-population, congestion, sanitation, reduced supplies and ever-increasing , uncontrolled prices of food stuff, vegetables, meat, dairy products and other household items. It is unclear, if some authority is assessing the income levels of the masses, but everyone can see very high levels of inflation, unemployment and poverty prevailing around…

The situation calls for more serious and continuous relief work that should not be slowed down at any cost… while we see the real long term rehabilitation and settlement problems are now emerging. The hopelessness and uncertainty is leading to crime and injustice. The children, future builders of our nation, are facing the challenges never known to their forefathers.

What Can We Do Now ?
This nation needs encouragement and hope… for which a huge responsibilty lies on the shoulders of Overseas Pakistanis… Pakistanis settled abroad need to make groups with an aim to raise voice and funds on a permanent basis for helping the sufferers... A coordinated network of associations, groups and individuals is the need of the day, which will work round-the-clock for helping the sufferers.

We see a lot of riches, luxury and waste of resources in some of the wealthy countries.. An awareness programme can be planned to pool those resources and divert towards our people. Another most needed attempt  is  the support for Pakistani products abroad. There is no dearth of humanitarians and venture capitalists in this world.. Only we need to make them see and realise our problems and potential.…

Many others have also carried out this before... Now its our turn and chance to utilise our experience, exposure and contacts to work in the interest of our brothers & sisters.

Lets take it up as a DUTY towards our nation.. Lets rise to the occasion and work to make the most of these available resources in other places of the world.

This is the best time to utilize the youth of Pakistan, as they have stood up and are ready to do the physical work on the ground… Trust them, finance them, coordinate with them and let them build a NEW PAKISTAN.

Friday, September 10, 2010

EID / Floods / Pakistan Go Green

Pakistan Go Green (facebook page) reached 15,000 fans today, which turns out to be Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan..What better could be expected as an Eid Gift to The Green Team by Pakistan lovers from all over the world?

A hearty THANKS to all who initiated it, pushed it forward, joined and took it to the hearts of thousands of people.

Today, if we just stop for a while and look back into a brief one year old history, it seems as it was a great ride of passion, enthusiasm and inspiration.


If one remembers the Indo-Pak Independence Movement in early 1900s, it were the poets / litterati of Muslims who first started to bring up the core political issues to the masses silently.
Is it a coincidence that exactly after 100 years, in 2009, some sincere, honest and hardworking citizens have taken up the cause of reviving the spirit of Patriotism and love of their fellowbeings - Pakistan Go Green?”

On Jan 7, 2010, when I wrote these lines as a note on Pakistan Go Green’s facebook page , none of us at Pakistan GG had the slightest idea what the new year 2010 had in store for us.
And NOW, as we mark EID Day, there seems no dearth of  violence, suicide bombings, target killings, land grabbing and above all, we witnessed the biggest disaster in our history – a Super Flood, which affected nearly one-fifth population of Pakistan.

 Although, this year, Eid is being spent amidst pain of lost loved ones, homes and other belongings yet each affected individual, be it a man, woman, or children, all are surviving by looking forward to better days.  And they have every reason to do so ...In such a major catastrophe, how can one be able to survive without THINKING POSITIVELY.
A Pakistani blogger Faisal Kapadia, who had been to Interior Sindh for flood relief activities, writes : “I have also seen the resilience of an old man in Shikarpur, doubled over with pain but still in love with this country, claiming that as long as Pakistanis are there for one another - we need nothing else.”

Pakistan Go- Green 

Pakistan Go Green - A mission of reviving hope and love towards our nation, was a small venture of only a few individuals led by Farhan Masood …and after more than a year of its creation, (July 2009) it is still serving as a glowing candle warming hearts and enlightening minds.
It has been a unique campaign in the sense that it was first of its kind on the social media in the entire world.
Kudos to those, who had vision to bring forth the notion of “One Nation- One Identity –Pakistan” at a time, when our identity was being questioned and debated even in the national media. This was the time just a year ago, when being “Negative” and “Critical” was a common trend. Pakistan Go Green boldly came forward and promoted the ideas of “BE POSITIVE” & “BE GREEN”.
PGG turned 85,000+ display pics of people with GREEN colour, not only because it is the main colour of Pakistani flag, but also a colour depicting life, freshness, optimism, and as a sign of a “Go Ahead”.

The “BE POSITIVE” idea, served as a motivating factor when many of us realised the gravity of the situation of flood affected areas even before Independence Day 14th August, 2010. It was not difficult to grasp, that the time for Action was NOW or NEVER.
By seeing this and many more incidents of assistance, gratitude & thankfulness, one can only feel the pleasure of being able to do something for our countrymen.
Also, one can easily make out that now we are entering the stage of RE-BUILDING PAKISTAN and this time, it is bound to be deep-rooted in the society, Insha Allah.

The only thing we must be careful now is not to indulge or support any NEGATIVE or demotivating propaganda, unnecessary favouritism, based on ethnicity, class, status, or personal preferences.

What NEXT ?
We must remember, that revolutions do not come just by one big personality, it is the result of the tireless efforts and sacrifices of millions of people. One of our major mistakes has been that we forgot or even deleted the names of some great heroes from our history books. Therefore, we have no idea, how a country-wide Independence movement reached each and every home. We never heard about our unsung heroes, who personally went to everyone and convinced them to fight for their cause.
Thankfully, now, we have media and especially social media, which can play a vital role in re-awakening of people.
Pakistan Go Green tried to lit a candle and now many candles are being lighted … but as the darkness and hopelessness runs very deep inside our souls, more organized work needs to be done on a larger scale..

The next but not-so-easy stage is “COORDINATION” and “SELF-SUPPORT”. We have to refer back to our history again, when numerous local movements joined together under one umbrella named All India Muslim League, having one agenda which led them to achieve their goal.
Are we ready for this next stage ? -----
Think. Act. Inspire.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Real Pakistanis Are Awesome !!!

Why Hopelessness?
Why is it we just see hopelessness everywhere? Why are we just sure that our future is nothing but darkness and misery ? Whereas at the moment, thousands of men, women and children are working tirelessly for flood relief efforts. Salaried people are donating a part of their hard earned money in relief funds. Little girls are giving away their Eidi or the the shopping money for bangles and gifts to various relief organisations.

Thousands of young enthusiastic volunteers have been working day in and day out to deliver the relief goods to the needy while fasting in Ramadhan. They have reached from the northern mountains to Punjab and then to those inaccessible areas of Sindh, where hardly anyone from urban Pakistan had ever been.

Overseas Pakistanis are more worried than those in the country. There is no place in the world from where the aid is not coming. Tents, food items and cash is flowing in at an unprecedented rate. Airports have hardly any place left to store more goods as there is no organised system of outward distribution.

There have been fund collection campaigns in schools, colleges and universities. Prayers are offered in Mosques, Christian and Hindu community centres.

Online communities and bloggers have also been playing an important role in raising awareness among those not directly in touch with flood victims around the world. Many international organisations and celebrities have asked their fans and followers to help Pakistani flood affectees. New ways of attracting more aid and relief are being thought of …
There must have been hundreds or thousands of incidents which are unheard of yet due to such kind and humane activities thousands of people are being helped.

Real Pakistanis Are Working !!!

How can be we inable people? How can Pakistan be a Failed nation when such generous and hard working are there within us?

Can we think of any other example the way our people have showed passion and shared griefs of their needy countrymen?

We are being labeled as the BRAVEST Nation of the World by Newsweek. It is befitting reply to those who always spread negativity about Pakistani people..

Pakistan’s image has been built by the ruling elite, who were never sincere to their country and always kept a significant distance from their people.
The REAL PEOPLE of Pakistan are great humans and its only they, who can rebuild Pakistan in a positive sense.

The REAL Pakistan is made by its people and they are working !!!

Pakistan is a great country and so are its people… only being hindered by influential and selfish politicians, in achieving its true position in the nations of the world.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Bravest Nation of the World - Pakistan

Air crash, violence, corruption, target killings, Super flood, and what not …. The general sentiment prevailing among our youth nowadays is “What is POSITIVE about Pakistan ? Every day there is a bad news coming. We guess Pakistan is now really failed.”

Look into your hearts and remember when was the last time you failed miserably in some important stage in life… You and everyone related to you could just figure out you could not go ahead because you had FAILED… But as the time passed , you carried on and here you are still working, even progressing and have further future plans.

Its a popular saying that you never FAIL until you THINK so ....

Then, why a big STATE like Pakistan can be FAILED ?… There is nothing like a FAILED STATE in the world.. If one could gather that the term FAILED STATE was coined only for Pakistan, especially after the SWAT crisis in 2007 in some media reports… Its only we , who are carrying this as a guilty feeling, otherwise if you see things POSITIVELY , then the world is actually observing this in awe and envies our braveness and the ways of survival. Some of the reports of our bravest behaviour are :

Locals use stones, sandbags to stave off flood 

Donkeys come to the rescue in Pakistan floods

Death visits relief camps for flood victims

Flood victims help each other to cross a damaged railway 

The world is also watching and has not turned back on us .. No doubt, it has taken a little more time to gauge the magnitutde of the destruction, but now the aid is flowing in and people, including various celebrities are raising voices to help this nation in peril.

Recently Newsweek has called us as the BRAVEST nation of the World !!!

Now, the rest lies on us, the people of Pakistan… Its time to leave behind the losses and pain of this massive disaster of our history….and start REBUILDING…

We just cannot sit idle and hopeless at the bank of rivers watching the washed away fertile soils and lands and lost homes.. There are humans left who need our help and encouragement. A huge responsibility lies on the urban society, mostly unaffected by he floods, to come forward, raise hope for future among the flood affectees.

The HELP criteria may be advertised and publicized by the word of mouth, even in the areas known for any terrorist breeding or such culture. Especially very young boys can be motivated to help rebuilding their own towns, to disengage them from questionable activities.

Remember, this is a great lesson of unity, sacrifice and hope for us and we have no choice except to learn from it.

Lets change ourselves forever … and start from our homes cutting down our unnecessary expenditures, showing off wealth and luxuries, living a simple life and setting an example for our children… They are the ones who will reap the fruits of our efforts and then pass on the tradition to the next generations…

That is the way, PAKISTAN will always be a SUCCESSFUL state.. May Allah help and guide us. Amen

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wake Up Pakistan !!!

Pakistan's worst floods in recorded history began more than two weeks ago in the mountainous northwest and have spread throughout the country. Some 20 million people and 62,000 square miles (160,000 square kilometers) of land — about one-fifth of the country — have been affected.

Once the floods recede, billions more dollars will be needed for reconstruction and getting people back to work in the already-poor nation of 170 million people. The International Monetary Fund has warned the floods could dent economic growth and fuel inflation.

While local charities and international agencies have helped hundreds of thousands of people with food, water, shelter and medical treatment, the scale of the disaster has meant many millions have received little or no assistance. The U.N. has voiced fears that disease in overcrowded and unsanitary relief camps may yet cause more deaths.

What we need to do ?
First of all, we, who have not  been affected by the disaster directly, should thank Allah and pray for the safety of everyone in the country. The next best thing we can do is to go out and find out the agencies / groups carrying the relief goods and join them in whatever capacity we fit in.
This is not an ordinary time. Our country is facing a major catastrophe and still there are fears (God forbid) that there is more to come. Do whatever you can to help victims, either financially, physically, or verbally convincing people to come forward.

Use Social Media ( e.g. Facebook. Twitter) to raise awareness among all you know. Request your contacts to spread the message for helping the flood victims in whatever way thay can. Remember, your each step and initiative is going to create a history of makeover of a great nation.

What we need most now, is perseverance and focus on providing shelter and basic needs to people. Many affected areas have not seen any government assistance yet. Try to reach and help the people there. Take it as an opportunity to learn how to survive and work towards the REBUILDING of our country.

The destruction has been massive. The loss has been immense, yet We survive.. We go on.. And it clearly defines our physical & spiritual strengths. Our beliefs in Almighty Allah and our own will can do wonders and they surely will.. WE will survive and stand up again as a better and sturdy nation.
May Allah help us in these difficult times . Ameen.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Make 14th August ~ a day of REVIVAL

This year, our national Independence Day, has come with lots of greivances and hardships. With more than 10,000 square kilometers (4,000 square miles) of Pakistan under water, the flood is “Pakistan’s worst natural disaster” since the country’s creation 63 years ago, and has set back the nation’s development by many years, according to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mr. Yousuf Raza Gilani.

Floods have left many areas beyond outside help or communication, knocking out cell phone towers and ripping away roads. Thousands are without electricity after grid stations and transformers collapsed, Pakistani television reported.

The flood has submerged an area as large as Lebanon, overwhelming relief efforts by the government and UN agencies. “Our stockpiles are nearly exhausted,” and trucks hauling tents have been blocked for a week by flooded roads, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said in an e-mailed message. The number of people suffering from the massive floods in Pakistan exceeds 16 million - more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the United Nations said on 9th August 2010.

Moreover, international aid remains low this this time as compared to 2005 earthquake disaster according to Guardian UK :


We, the people of Pakistan are the final hope after the Almighty. We can really make the relief efforts successful and help bringing life back to normal.

The only thing we need to do is to go out and find out the agencies / groups carrying the relief goods and join them in whatever capacity we fit in. Do whatever you can to help victims, no matter physically or verbally. Remember, your each step and initiative is going to create a history of makeover of a great nation.

Take it as a good chance to learn how to survive and work towards the REBUILDING of our country.

The destruction has been massive. The loss has been immense, yet We survive.. We go on.. And it clearly defines our physical & spiritual strengths. Our beliefs in Almighty and our own will can do wonders and they surely will.. WE will survive and stand up again as a better and sturdy nation.

In 1947's Ramadan, we got independence. In 2010's Ramadan, there's need to rebuild it and regain our strength. Lets move forward...

Make this 14th August a day of REVIVAL of our hopes and strengths.

Make this day of Independence, a day to remember in history..
May Allah help us in these difficult times . Ameen.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Give Pakistan a fresh image ...Change YOURSELF !!!

Pakistan needs a fresh & revived image … and who can produce it ? Only its people..
My visit to Pakistan after 3 years gave me a lot to think. While there has been maasive physical development in infrastructure and technology during this period, it is easy to see a major shift in urban thinking ..
People, in general, seem to be more knowledgeable, but less willing to get up and do something. They are more energetic but dont know where to utilize their talent. We are more aware but have become very fond of talking, long discussions and debates, still while being seated.
We have a good system of interactive media but are now used to just shrugging our shoulders for whatever is happening as if its not our concern. Most of the people keep bragging about their resources (obviously limited) in a way as they hold the keys to strong rooms of a few banks.
Fake degrees scandals have brought a confusion among the genuine graduates as, if anybody even relies on their abilities now.
We also need to look into a large number of educated female population, while they just spend their time at home, watching TV dramas and movies & waiting for the maids to come and do the daily chores for a meager wage.
Then, there are children, who are sent to expensive schools only to pass written exams and no practical training for tomorrow’s competitive world.
On the other hand, there are friends and relatives, who expect great spending on the parties, one is going to throw, on the occasions like marriages, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.
Then, there this lifestyle thing comes…One feels the need to show off their “status” to fit in this scenario.

Who will START ?
Remember, its not only us in Pakistan, who have such problems, but we need to be very quick to address them
It sounds so weird if someone even utters anything against all these traditions, which have crept in our society… but now seems a right time to do that as we are close to our National Day on 14 August 2010 !!! Its time when we really should look back and learn what have we earned and lost.

We need to stop for a while.. and see, where are we going? Who are we fooling? Who are we going to impress and who is actually being impressed ?
Its us, who have to live here and prosper. Its us who have to make the best use of our time to do something fruitful and positive for ourselves and others. This is the only way we can help  unhappy, unwell, frightened, confused, and totally frustrated  beings in our society.

Its time to change ourselves…

Men, women, children, educated, illiterate, working, matter whosoever is there ...
Just start doing something productive, without wasting the time, the best natural gift to us.
We are a nation with one of the largest human potential, yet we remain dull and backward… I know, such things have been said to previous generations too and now they have grown old.. and things forgotten.. Do we want to be like them?
We need to be different.. and that’s where we will be so… OUR THINKING !!!

 Be Positive.. Be Green.. Pakistan Zindabad !!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

پیغام ~ [ MESSAGE]

 [A Poem written by me a decade ago.. seems true today too]

یہ ویران پتھرائی ہوئی آنکھوں میں

... مایوسیوں کے بوسیدہ پھول

....یہ سناٹے ، یہ آہیں ، یہ سسکیاں

... یہ سلے ہوئے لب

... نہیں ہے جن میں کچھ تاب بیاں

... یہ کچھ پیغام دیتے ہیں

... ... کسی کا لال تھا یا کسی کی آنکھ کا تارا

... کسی کی ساری امیدوں کا مرکز

... کسی کی زیست کا واحد سہارا

...یہ قدم قدم پہ بے سر و سامان

، بکھری ہوئی، خون آلود انسانی جان

...یہ بھی کچھ پیغام دیتی ہے

... کسی مغموم لہجے میں

.. کرب سے بوجھل، کانپتے ہوئے زرد ہونٹوں سے

..یہ سوال کرتی ہے

... آخر یہ سب کب تک ؟

.... یہ کہتی ہے ، اٹھو

.. بازی گروں کے سجاۓ ہوئے تماشے

... حقیقت کی نظر سے پہچانو

.. کہ ان کے اندر بھید بہت گہرے ہیں

.. یہ کہتی ہے

... چمکتے آئینوں کے خو ل سے نکلو

... کہ آئینے منزل کا پتہ نہیں دیتے ...

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Dilemma of Education

It is irony of the fact that still some people underestimate the importance of education in our society. Even till the end of 20th century, our political slogans only depicted all the other basic needs but hardly anyone talked about educating people. However, there has been a change in mindset as this issue has been brought forward, thanks to the widespread use of media and communication.

Present Scenario:
The problem arises when we see various systems prevailing in Pakistani educational institutions. We have:
1. Public / Government schools (all provinces having their own set syllabi and books)
2. Private schools ( comprising the teaching of Government syllabi / private boards / foreign boards/ some incorporate Hifz Quran in their curriculum )
3. Religious institutions (mostly covering memorizing Quran/ some also follow government approved syllabi )

Lets see what they have to offer :


These schools have been monitored and administered by Ministries / Directorates of Education. They have their boards comprising a panel of highly qualified educationists, who usually select the curriculum according to the requirements and traditions of diversified Pakistani society including urban and rural areas. They curriculum includes National as well as at least one regional language.


Majority of these schools were established during the privatization drive of the government in early 80s. They are divided into two groups : Pakistani Curriculum (leading to Matric/ SSC ) and UK/ US Curriculum (leading to British O Level or American International Baccalaureate). Many schools opted for foreign educational syllabi, like Cambridge / Oxford or American High School Diploma. The main reason to choose such systems was to avoid the regular inspections by government authorities, as these schools did not come under their jurisdiction. These schools have their syllabi, subjects, content,book s and even teaching methodologies approved by foreign boards. Urdu is taught but not as a core subject, with main emphasis on simple write ups and translation into English and vice-versa. You will hardly find any regional language being taught in these schools.


These Islamic seminaries teach mostly Islamic subjects leading to graduation as a cleric (called maulvi, maulana or mulla) in Pakistan. There are five major governing bodies of Madrassas in Pakistan. Tanzim-ul-Madaras (Barelwi), Wafaq-ul-Madaras (Deobandi), Wafaq-ul-Madaras (Shia), Wafaq-ul-Madaras (Ahle Hadith) and Rabita-ul-Madaris (Jamaat-e-Islami) . A 2008 estimate puts this figure at over 40,000 out of which most cater to the dominant Sunni sect. There are, however, some madrassas for the minority (estimated at from 14 to 20 per cent) Shias.
Their students read accessible books in Urdu as part of comparative religion or training in the beliefs of their sub-sects (maslak). These texts are taught in a rational manner in order to promote reasoning among students and to understand the logics of differences and similarities. This process results in sectarian harmony. Similarly, students are taught about Western ideologies—capitalism, individualism, freedom, feminism, socialism, democracy, human rights—in lessons in order to understand heresy and dangers propagated by the western world.

Future Scenario ?

Now, in near future, our society is going to face a major change as we will see these different groups of educated people entering job market, administration and politics.

The social divide between these various systems of education is easily understandable. A student from his early years till attaining youth, is surrounded by a specifically modified environment. The students have hardly any idea that there exist some parallel educational systems, to which they will be exposed after the completion of their own course. Each student thinks very highly of his own way of education, as they put in hard and serious efforts to study and pass their exams.

This raises the question that who is going to keep a balance in the future set up of our society. Does it call for a “QUOTA” system for all these segments of our educational scenario. Are we inviting another conflict of biased selections of the administrators of this country? Will we need another BOARD to settle such matters as how many will be taken from PRIVATE / PUBLIC & RELIGIOUS SCHOOL SYSTEMS? And finally, who will decide the quality of education being imparted therein at large.

 Hopefully, some light can be thrown on this important issue of our future generations. We need authorities comprising educators, having full background knowledge of these local & foreign educational systems, having the capability of incorporating the graduates stepping out of them, in various spheres of society.
Do we have such professionals available? Has anyone thought about integrating this diversification into one whole grand educational structure? … We will certainly need this structure in near future.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Practical Optimism Is What We Need Now !

Recently, I had been going through the  website of Youth Parliament Of Pakistan which focuses on Youth in the country and Youth's awareness education and training in the norms of politics and democracy in the country.

Education, Training & Experience:

Several initiatives relating to the education and training of the youth of Pakistan have been launched and are running successfully, in various sectors of society.
Something, which is mostly ignored in such programmes is creating an effective & balanced approach towards reaching one's goals. This only comes with time and experience.

Present day "become-quick-rich" type mindset has given birth to an attitude which was never seen in the history of business before. Every new entrant is trained to "think" that they  are going to make it big, whereas only a few can reach there.

Practical Optimism:

The world has recently been hit by one of the biggest recession periods of history, of which most of the blame was put on the lack of experience and vision of those involved in the businesses.

What is needed from the present day young professionals is more of practical optimism. Imagining and thinking big is not enough. There is always a need to be ready to plan and execute as planned. Optimism is good but not at the expense of overlooking the ground realities. Since there is hardly any time available for gaining rich experience in the field, this often results in major mishaps, blunders and setbacks...and the dream of reaching the pinnacle of excellence never turns into reality.

Moreover, there already exists such a wide communication gap between the young and old experienced generations, that their hard earned experience is just ignored when compared to innovative ideas of a fresh graduate. Therefore, the sole responsibilty of such failure falls upon these new under-exposed & inexperienced youth.

Pakistan's Turn:

 As Pakistan is now looking forward towards the next boom in business cycle, we need to inculcate a balanced approach towards our work attitudes and attaining targets. Students should be provided industry related training, as in real life situations. Psychological and moral training may be introduced. They should be made to avoid that easy-come-easy-go attitude and realize the importance of being focused and serious about their work. Being sincere and responsible towards what we do, is the need of the day.