Friday, December 24, 2010

Yes, I am a Teacher :)

“Oh.. so you teach !!! “
“awww… well and what are the subjects?”
“but there could be better jobs.. if you just could look out for them !! “
“oh yeah… my all friends have opted for teaching… they didn’t know what else to do . "
These are some of the comments I receive, when I tell someone about my chosen profession .. Teaching.

YES … I AM A TEACHER …. And a happy and proud one :)

Have you seen a gardener’s face which brightens up while looking at the bloom of fresh flowers in his garden ?

OR may be the divinely affection in the eyes of a mother holding her newly born child, the very first time…                     

OR perhaps close in your home, the joyous smile of someone who cooked a delicious meal :)

OR even a child happily coming home after getting a prize in school ?


Nothing comes close to the joy of nurturing, caring and seeing one’s students passing out with the hopes of making all their dreams come true….

Being a teacher, I see all my students as little fragile buds, who would grow up someday into beautiful flowers, each one with its own special hue and fragrance; OR a newly born baby; OR a delicious meal in the making , OR the astray kids who are going to discover a hidden treasure and surprise everyone !!!


To me, they are like young birdies, who will, someday, after gaining some strength and learning some basic skills, will fly away to unknown destinations, never looking back to where they started from…

Leaving them makes a teacher both sad and happy at the same time…

We just keep smiling, waving at them while having all the good wishes for their future habitats… but the prospect of watching them doing big things …. is like a big REWARD or PRIZE which is given to us , only by ourselves…

Educating people has been emphasised by almost all the major beliefs and philosophies of the world. In Islam, its like "sadqa e jaariya" , which means permanent source of rewards and blessings promised by the Almighty.
Practically, whatever we teach, is not only going to the one student, but all the coming generations.

Makers of Successful Nations:

Teachers have always been the makers of successful nations and this divine rule will never change….
The little words of hope, inspiration and knowledge are never wasted.. and sometimes this only can bring about a whole lot of POSITIVE change in a society and its future.

Are we willing to change our future for the better?
If yes, then, we have to give a respectful place to teachers in our society…
What we can do is to invite and encourage good, sincere and knowledgeable citizens to take up this profession seriously ….

Ask people to become teachers, and do justice with teaching..
The coming generations will always be thankful to us… and the FUTURE will be brighter than ever before…

EDUCATE & MOTIVATE ... are the two words that can make us GREAT !!!!