Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pakistanis Abroad !!! We Need YOU

(Note : It was heartening to see this blogpost "Pakistanis Abroad: We Need YOU" in Google Top Trending of Pakistan ~ Rumaisa Mohani -10/10/2010 )
Pakistan’s flood crisis has left an already unstable country on unsteady ground. This calamity has affected 20 million Pakistanis and is said to be the largest disaster of our time by the United Nations.

Today hungry, sick and suffering children and families are looking towards us. They are waiting for us to rescue them and take them out of sufferings and miseries. It is not a matter of one religion, nation or race. All inhabitants of this planet must help since, those poor people are not the ones responsible for these flood. Global warming caused excessive evaporation in Indian ocean and fast melting of glaciers in Himalayas that caused this flooding and devastation.

The worst part of this tragedy is that there is no guarantee that this will not happen again, since there is no end to global warming. All one hundred and sixty million people in Pakistan are affected and need relief as well as long term solutions.
The problem is that there seems lack of knowledge, interest and coordination between various sections of society to overcome this biggest crisis of our time. No doubt, many international organizations around the globe joined hands in rescue, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts.
At this juncture, the role of overseas Pakistanis, cannot be ignored. They came forward with great sense of responsibilty and worked tirelessly to raise funds and awareness among their fellow citizens in different parts of the world.

The Real Problems Are Emerging NOW :
 However,  as the time is passing.. we see the spirit and enthusiasm, does not look the same, as it has been in the beginning… yet the suffering of the flood victims is on the rise.

The effects are now even being felt on the urban centres of Pakistan too. The people in Karachi and other big cities are facing the problems of over-population, congestion, sanitation, reduced supplies and ever-increasing , uncontrolled prices of food stuff, vegetables, meat, dairy products and other household items. It is unclear, if some authority is assessing the income levels of the masses, but everyone can see very high levels of inflation, unemployment and poverty prevailing around…

The situation calls for more serious and continuous relief work that should not be slowed down at any cost… while we see the real long term rehabilitation and settlement problems are now emerging. The hopelessness and uncertainty is leading to crime and injustice. The children, future builders of our nation, are facing the challenges never known to their forefathers.

What Can We Do Now ?
This nation needs encouragement and hope… for which a huge responsibilty lies on the shoulders of Overseas Pakistanis… Pakistanis settled abroad need to make groups with an aim to raise voice and funds on a permanent basis for helping the sufferers... A coordinated network of associations, groups and individuals is the need of the day, which will work round-the-clock for helping the sufferers.

We see a lot of riches, luxury and waste of resources in some of the wealthy countries.. An awareness programme can be planned to pool those resources and divert towards our people. Another most needed attempt  is  the support for Pakistani products abroad. There is no dearth of humanitarians and venture capitalists in this world.. Only we need to make them see and realise our problems and potential.…

Many others have also carried out this before... Now its our turn and chance to utilise our experience, exposure and contacts to work in the interest of our brothers & sisters.

Lets take it up as a DUTY towards our nation.. Lets rise to the occasion and work to make the most of these available resources in other places of the world.

This is the best time to utilize the youth of Pakistan, as they have stood up and are ready to do the physical work on the ground… Trust them, finance them, coordinate with them and let them build a NEW PAKISTAN.