Thursday, June 24, 2010

Practical Optimism Is What We Need Now !

Recently, I had been going through the  website of Youth Parliament Of Pakistan which focuses on Youth in the country and Youth's awareness education and training in the norms of politics and democracy in the country.

Education, Training & Experience:

Several initiatives relating to the education and training of the youth of Pakistan have been launched and are running successfully, in various sectors of society.
Something, which is mostly ignored in such programmes is creating an effective & balanced approach towards reaching one's goals. This only comes with time and experience.

Present day "become-quick-rich" type mindset has given birth to an attitude which was never seen in the history of business before. Every new entrant is trained to "think" that they  are going to make it big, whereas only a few can reach there.

Practical Optimism:

The world has recently been hit by one of the biggest recession periods of history, of which most of the blame was put on the lack of experience and vision of those involved in the businesses.

What is needed from the present day young professionals is more of practical optimism. Imagining and thinking big is not enough. There is always a need to be ready to plan and execute as planned. Optimism is good but not at the expense of overlooking the ground realities. Since there is hardly any time available for gaining rich experience in the field, this often results in major mishaps, blunders and setbacks...and the dream of reaching the pinnacle of excellence never turns into reality.

Moreover, there already exists such a wide communication gap between the young and old experienced generations, that their hard earned experience is just ignored when compared to innovative ideas of a fresh graduate. Therefore, the sole responsibilty of such failure falls upon these new under-exposed & inexperienced youth.

Pakistan's Turn:

 As Pakistan is now looking forward towards the next boom in business cycle, we need to inculcate a balanced approach towards our work attitudes and attaining targets. Students should be provided industry related training, as in real life situations. Psychological and moral training may be introduced. They should be made to avoid that easy-come-easy-go attitude and realize the importance of being focused and serious about their work. Being sincere and responsible towards what we do, is the need of the day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Echoes ~ A Poem

The doors of memories always remain ajar as with open arms

To welcome the vibes of sheer loveliness and exquisite charms.

Wherever I go, while I am awake or asleep, tired of all the worldly nuisance

Myriad thoughts creep into my mind with all the grandeur and elegance

And the air gets filled with the same wondrous fragrance,

One that makes me cherish my being and its true essence.

I can feel thine breathe as I walk along the promenade pensively

Or while I sit there gazing at the waves making their way towards the shore

I can hear the echo of my heart beats coming from the unseen depths

And I can endure the grasp of the roots of this romance which seems so pure;

And wonder how they have taken me over like never before.

Does it sound superficial if one's heart can break all the barriers

And fly away with the dearest treasures of undying obsession?

While one stands there alone as it has been and will be….

Yet encompassed with those small wonders being a subtle expression

Hence proving them wrong as being lonely!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Riding Through The Wave of All "isms"

The Youth of Today’s Pakistan are a vital part of its present and future. Most of them are vibrant, being trained to take up challenges, calculate and achieve their targets. They have been successful, shown great potential for achieving unimaginable tasks and brought the laurels to the country.
However, everything is not so shiny and rosy here…There are elements out there to grab, store and use that bursting energy to fulfill some of their hidden evil objectives.

I know I am going to indulge myself in a topic that has been quite debatable lately. Things need to be discussed otherwise a dangerous vacuum of communication is created, resulting in further harm to the society.

Extremes in Our Society:
There are two main extremes being developed among our youth. Pro-Islam and Pro-various-“isms” ( e.g., Communism, Socialism, Marxism ). Although it is assumed that these phenomena are fresh , new and “in” , actually these were created in the 20th century by some very experienced, learned and influential persons. Here, I will not say anything in favour or against them, but what is more essential today is the vision, these ideologies have been inculcating in our youth, who will shape the future of our nation.
No doubt, we are living in the age of open communication and are exposed to all the philosophies. Various westerners have been inspired by Oriental / Eastern religions or ways of life and is becoming a norm in their society. Similarly, there has been a rise in the Athiests and non- conformists.
 As global citizens, our youth have free access to all such stuff. Self interested evil elements will be on the look out for young minds, and try to deviate their focus by disillusioning the facts with a pinch of negativity.

In olden days, there were elders, who told them what was right or wrong. Now, elders are not able to cope with today’s fast communications as well as youngsters have no time to indulge in one-to-one discussions, which is a great dilemma of present day society.
Being Responsible is the Key :
This issue can only be addressed by the youth themselves. They need to take up the responsibility of keeping a balance between all the extremist ideologies.
If something comes up which is against your religion or traditions, you should be very careful and critical about accepting it. Think what good and bad it will bring to you or the society at large.  If you are choosing a new ideology for the rest of your life, it is not only going to affect you and your loved ones but also those who will come after you... Don’t be short-termist, think about the long term.That’s where you will justify yourself as a responsible global citizen.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Suffering.. Unlimited !!!

This is not a simple situation.. We and our people are under attack.. and we feel helpless.. We, the writers, bloggers, twitterers, facebookers, who try to act as analysts and come up with solutions, don’t know who will execute those suggestions.
They come out from nowhere and bombard our places of worship, education and healthcare, leaving everyone in awe and despair.
And to add to the misery, with all the security steps in place, it still goes on ....

Who are they?
They are none other than the culprits whom our own people have supported, and take pride in providing a place for refuge.
They are well equipped with strategies and weaponry for the assaults, we know all that…but what have we been doing?
When the government was reminded of the appearances of these terrorists in all the urban centres, they turned a deaf ear to it, rather denying their presence.
Now , its spread all over the land..

and who is the sufferer?
Some might think, they will be safe, afterall... No, ultimately, everyone will have to suffer one day, with violence and raids increasing at such an alarming rate across the country.
But, still everyone is not taking it seriously. Are they waiting for their turn to come across face-to-face with these terrorists? Well, you will have a very slim chance of meeting them again, alive.

How to face it?
So, remove those tinted glasses of favouritism, sectarianism, fanaticism and extremism from your eyes ...  and try to see who is the real enemy ?
First of all, we have to assure ourselves of this answer in a broader perspective, then any unified action will be possible...
The hope of our nation is our coming generations. They deserve to know the truth and the training how to tackle it!!!

We should stick to the conclusions already made and avoid indulging in new discussions & debates.That will save a lot of time & give a room for some fruitful action to be taken...

Remember, without being POSITIVE and HOPEFUL, nothing is possible !!!