Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lets be Serious - Pakistan

I remember meeting the editor of a widely published newspaper in Karachi , in 1980s. Somebody asked what did they think was the future of Pakistan, during Martial Law regime, while all the political leaders were still in their 30s. (Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif & Altaf Hussain). The editor's reply was instant. " Let them reach 60s, then everything will be OK" .
Everybody enjoyed the spontaniety of the thought but felt the light of hope for  a brighter future of the country.

One of the leaders Ms Benazir Bhutto never reached that age but still managed to become Prime Minister of Pakistan twice and initiated some commendable programmes for the poor and needy. Now Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain (the leaders of other two bigger parties according to election results) and others have yet to show their best (or worst, ... in a lighter mode).

One must remember that its not 80s anymore. Only spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama may be  followed forever. The times are changing as well as demographics of the country. The population is now consisting of 65% of enterprising and ever enthusaistic youth. Many of them have achieved the education and experience of highest international standards and have had exposure to wide variety of scenarios to work in.

International corporates and businesses were first to identify and utilise this potential to a very large extent and despite some of the setbacks, it has always been rewarding.

Time has come that public administration and politics also remove the barriers to entry for these young professionals. Especially in the third world, and the countries like Pakistan, this paradigm needs to be shifted.

Pakistan needs young leaders, who are aware of the aspirations of the population of this country. It is not difficult for political parties to find and train them.

Sadly, there has been enough fun and mockery about various leaders of the country. Now there is dire need for sincere and energetic youth to be brought forward and hand over the rule to them.
 Senior politicians can  best guide and advise them, for the experience has no alternative in the course of actions.

This is the last resort to save the country. The majority of the population deserve to rule their country. This is their chance now.  Dont deprive them. They have the best intentions and capabilities to manage this land of great opportunities.

Pakistan Zindabad !!!